IAE of Caen - IAE of Caen

IAE : the University of Caen Business and Management school


The IAE of Caen, the University Of Caen School of Management, offers a full range of courses, from Bachelor degrees to PhDs, in an international and professional environment.
The school has specializations in Finance, Marketing, Accounting, International Development and Trade, Human Resources and Social and Health Management.

The IAE was founded in 1956 and has educated more than 23,000 students and trainees/interns in different types of programs: full-time education, executive education, apprenticeship contracts, and e-learning programs.

As an innovator in e-learning education, the Institute was designated, in a report conducted by the European Commission in 2006, as one of the 8 best institutes in its field.
E-learning education is a unique technique of teaching through the Internet, for workers and people who cannot attend daily courses; with documents and teachers' videos online, students and trainees can follow their diploma on a regular basis.


The Institute has dual missions: to educate tomorrow's responsible executives and to make improvements in management research.
Each year, the IAE of Caen develops new projects to adapt its teaching to economic and social trends, and to meet its students' needs.