Study at IAE Caen

Study at IAE Caen

IAE of Caen offers 1 english full track program:

IAE Caen, University School of Management, offers a full range of courses, from Bachelor degrees to PhDs, in an international and business oriented environment.
The school has specializations in Finance, Marketing, Accounting, International Development and Trade, Human Resources and Social and Health Management.

Founded in 1956, it has educated more than 28,000 students in different types of programs : full-time education, executive education, apprenticeship contracts, and e-learning programs.

On the occasion of the Campus France Meetings of Research and Innovation at the City of Science and Industry, the University of Caen was distinguished amongst 155 applications to receive the "Welcome to France" label.
The "Welcome to France" label is a system set up as part of an international student attractiveness plan. It guarantees international students a national standard and represents a promotional and outreach tool for the school.

The criteria used to label a welcoming approach for international students are:

  • the quality and accessibility of information,
  • the reception devices,
  • the training offer,
  • housing,
  • campus life
  • the quality of the post-graduate follow-up.

Individual mobility

Foreign students can also study in our school on an individual basis when they have a minimum level of French to follow a program (Please click here to get all additional information on French language tests). Students must apply to the program of their choice via our website. Depending on their country, they will also have to complete a Campus France application.

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